Nancy McLaughlin leaves her homeroom treasurer book to some eager freshman. Ray McMullen leaves Mr. Baggarly a little hair. Joseph Medeiros, Jr. leaves Lisa finding new short cuts through the High School. Diane Medeiros leaves her sister JoAnn three more happy years at D.H.S. Joseph J. Medeiros leaves wishing some kind soul will do art work for Mrs. Vermette when she needs it and the art room to M. C. Raymond Medeiros leaves a pair of bit braces for Frank Gracia. Jerome Mello leaves to his brother Tony his parking space in the school lot. Kathy Mello leaves John B. with someone to find to call "Katie." Marion Mello leaves Mrs. Mosny's 7th period study to the underclassmen. Patricia Mello leaves to her brother Tony 3 more years at D.H.S. Raymond Mello leaves Mr. Porter a pair of deteriorated Gym Shorts. Stephen Mello leaves a lucky freshman a disagreeable locker. Brian Meaney leaves Mrs. Davis' good cooking. Wayne Mendonca leaves his parking place to anyone who wants it. Bruce A. Mogayzel leaves Mrs. Mosny knowing she is not going to have him for a 5th year. Dennis Moniz leaves Bobby Lansvik many blissful hours on the practice field. Stephen Morgado leaves one rotten year to Don Quixote.
Kathy Morrisseau leaves coming to school on snowy days to the underclassmen. Susan Mosny leaves her mother still in high school. Lynne Murphy leaves Pat still wandering the corridors of D.H.S. Maryann Nemeth leaves Mr. Price her Law book. Ann Nicholson leaves her college boards to anyone who wants them. Linda Oliveira leaves Nancy Coon walking the track and Debbie Sands drinking pink champagne.
Margie Oliver leaves Mr. Porter with no one to pick on and Mr. Doyon a 1968 Rambler. Kathie Paradis leaves Sue Pacheco a wonderful year as head Majorette. Donna Parsons leaves the task of throwing parties to Bruce. Maria Pascoal leaves willingly. James Pedro leaves Mr. Porter twelve used shamrocks. Chris Pereira leaves another long-haired Pereira (Jimmy) to Mr. Erickson. Cindy Pereira leaves the rest of the Pereiras for D.H.S. Carol Perry leaves three more years of band and orchestra to her brother. Jane Perry leaves a fun-filled year to whoever is next year's Future Teachers' Treasurer. Judy Perry leaves Caroline Leary the torture of finishing high school. Bill Perry leaves the Photo Lab to Mr. Pierce and anyone who wants it. Linda Pinheiro leaves Joey with Mr. Moore. Kevin Place leaves Mr. Whalley's math to the freshmen. Robert Reed leaves all the "wonderful" school lunches. Phillip Rapoza leaves a copy of the Constitution to Mr. Simmons. Suzanne Rego leaves Miss Robinson two shades. Maria Rebelo leaves the Portuguese Club to unsuspecting members. Nancy Rex leaves to all Chemistry students—Logic. Barbara Robak leaves Linda, Veronica and Theresa two more glorious years of D.H.S. Charles G. Robbins leaves Mr. Whalley hoping for • a 1956 Chrysler. Jackie Rolnick leaves Mr. Bennett doing those rain dances on the wall. Bob Santos leaves W. Hamlet a winning season in the fall of '68.
Mary Ann Saulnier leaves a pencil sharpener handle. Jan Schneider leaves Mrs. Fernandes all the time writings Jan missed by one error. Kevin Seymour leaves a pair of high cut black sneakers and a multi-colored dress to one of next year's cheerleaders. Sherry Sherman leaves all her cigarettes in the girls' room for Julie. Maureen Sherrington leaves all the fabulous school lunches to all incoming freshmen. Debbie Shwartz leaves Mr. Baggarly a package of housekeeping and organizational ability and Mr. Bennett some blintzes. Wendi Siegel leaves Darry to Bud, and Nancy Giusti a loaf of Sunbeam bread. Kathi Silva leaves to Brenda Rose all the good times of the senior year. Sandra Simmons leaves her art class to Margie and Leslie. Janet Singer leaves Pam and Miriam all the Punlays. Deborah Sobral leaves without Mike. Cathi Sommerville leaves her "skinny" baton to Sharon Hughes. Richard Souza leaves Mr. D. a quiet band. Thomas Stiles leaves the organ to Jeffrey Fronczek. Ann Stimson leaves illegible scribbles in Room 117. Kathryn Shorrock leaves a certain office clerk at D. H. S. by herself for 2 years. Priscilla Stringer leaves a dirty old gym uniform left over from 1963. Susan Sutcliffe leaves Miss Lawton with the memories of her spoken French.
Wayne Sylvia leaves Mr. Fernandez life-long membership to back corner period I English class. Robert Tardi leaves Mr. Moore's Volkswagen to Thomas Rocha. Michael Tracey leaves to upcoming classmen an empty case. Alan Travers leaves a set of keys for future Rat Patrols. Betty Lou Travers leaves Mrs. Gaj climbing the walls. Sandy Travers leaves her brother one more year to suffer. Mary Elizabeth Tripp leaves Joanne two more years of "Grubby."
Jim Turner leaves one heck of a brother to carry on. Gail Ulbin leaves this great establishment of learning to her sister Pamela and remembering Miss Robinson and the lollipops. Dian Walder leaves a copy of Last Exit to Brooklyn to Mr. Erickson. Mark Walsh leaves Albino Rex to Al for two more years in Phys. Ed. Sue Wareing leaves Jani all her good luck. Larry Washington leaves his slide rule. Arthur Wiegenfeld leaves nothing (he'll keep it for himself.) Lynne Williams leaves Miss Spence to struggle with two more Williamses. Robert Wilcox leaves all the selected stock in their respective classes to Dave and Jon.
Pamela Barber leaves Mr. Silveira's lectures on baseball. Barbara Cook leaves Sandy with three more wonderful years. Cora-Cay Jones leaves happy. Sandra Lemos leaves her sister Linda with four years at Dartmouth High. Walter Martin leaves one more boring year of D. H. S. to Rosalie. Steve Mercer just leaves. Carole Monteiro leaves Mr. Calhoun his cigarette breaks. Bob Silva leaves his sister hard up for a date for the next two years. Nelson Vaughan leaves Al Palmieri all his old ailments. Michael Walls leaves Linda to Mr. Cadieux.
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