Pink Adriance leaves smoldering backseats to Peter Brackett and more casts to Dennis Emond. Janice Ahlander leaves Miss Spence's French classes after three long years. Lynne Alberski leaves D. H. S. to the poor underclassmen. Sherry Amaral leaves the bookkeeping to Mrs. Mosny. Susan Amaral leaves Carl Marie to next year's physiology class. Linda Anderson leaves D. H. S. gracefully. Arthur Arruda leaves passes for G.R. D. to give new engineers. Fred Avila leaves Milt Francis one more year to walk his girl to class. Glenn Babola leaves a case of empties. Janice Barros leaves three certain Juniors with one more year to cause trouble. Paul Barros leaves hoping Mr. Porter will have a winning season next year. James Bean leaves seven rusty finger cymbals, 200 yards of twine, and a dead balloon. Janis Belanger leaves Pudgie to future business seniors Therese Belliveau leaves hoping Mrs. Picard comes back soon. George Belliveau leaves his seat in Rm. 123 to some unfortunate person. Earle Bercier leaves the school in one piece. Kenneth Bettencourt leaves an indefinite number of detentions to a cocky Freshmen. Debbie Bissonnette leaves Susie and Debbie waiting and hoping for Mrs. Picard to come back. Peter Blecha leaves Sue Pacheco a heater. Janice Borges leaves making flowers to next year's cheerleaders. Kathie Botelho leaves a bottle of Exedrin and a good luck charm to the next Senior class Treasurer. Judi Boudreau leaves some other girl looking at Mr. Doyon and not listening.
Ralph Brackett leaves empties. Sue Candido leaves Mrs. Picard, who faked her out—and left first. Phyllis Cardoza leaves walking around in the morning before school. Stephen Chapman leaves the school with the Hasals. Steve Coleman leaves ,D.H.S. with hopes of a winning football team. Karen Collasius leaves a jar of peanut butter, dates, Ritz crackers, and a knife. Steven Cordeiro leaves his brother with three more years. Lois Costa leaves her sister and brother happiness in D. H. S. Theresa Costa leaves next year's Seniors to a certain incoming freshman. Maureen Costello leaves Katy one more year at D. H. S. Martha Couto leaves cheerleader chops to whomever wants them. Katherine Couza leaves all her books to the Juniors. Thomas DeCosta leaves a pass to the Art room for Period 5. Michael Correia leaves his Algebra I book to some freshman. Cynthia Daniel leaves French. Robert Davis leaves his smelly gym sneakers. Robert McMello leaves Mr. ? a legal license to cut any long hair on boys. Cathy Demoranvile leaves Maureen without a ride to school. Deborah Derby leaves her blushing to H. L. who could use it. Kathy Devitt leaves D. H. S. to anyone who can stand it. George Douglas leaves at last. Linda Dutra leaves Pat Travers a "Glow worm". Kristin Edwards leaves locker No. 37 one occupant. Pamela Eskeland leaves D. H. S. to the underclassmen. Richard Estrella leaves a casket for whoever goes first.
Ellen Finger leaves her tile from Miss Spence's 7th period study. Walter Francis leaves the cafeteria stage before school. Bonnie Francoeur leaves some lucky transfer from New Bedford to take her place. Joyce Fredette leaves Sue Higgins to help Miss Almeida next year. Frank Freitas leaves 4 new hubcaps for Miss Robinson's mobile. Nina Frisak leaves half of her heart in Dartmouth. Sandra Fulton leaves her cousin Pat Sylvia with two more years at D.H.S. Linda Garganta leaves Mrs. Vermette her Portuguese book. Stephen Gaspar leaves Sheila Francoeur with one more year to go. Patricia Gidley leaves a certain sophomore boy with no notes to pass. Robert Giusti leaves Mr. Palmeiri with one less warp. Susan Golenski leaves a busted-up locker to some poor freshman. Janyce Gomes leaves a nickel to underclassmen. Pat Gomes leaves Carl-Marie to next year's physiology class. Jo Ann Gonsalves leaves tattling to R. V. John Gonsalves leaves all the wonderful memories of D.H.S. Jay Goodley leaves long hair to Mr. Erickson. Sande Gracia leaves the Great Flower to the Faculty. Diane Green leaves the remains of Debbie Sue to next year's physiology class. Emily Grinnell leaves sanford pliskin and jose. Mary Grochmal leaves her two sisters.
Robert Hamburg leaves one hamburg bun. Sue Hardy leaves her cousin Nancy with two more years. Wayne Harrison leaves Mr. Porter looking for another class leader who plays volleyball as well as Wayne does. Kevin Hayes leaves The Melting Pot of Portugal. Phillip Hebblethwaite leaves basketball to Tim Sylvia. Sue Hoikala leaves hours and hours of daydreaming. Joanne Holstius leaves Gary Carlin a good senior year and D.H.S. to her sister Sue. Ted Howard leaves fifty dead flies to Mr. Silveira. Carol Howland leaves years of fun to the underclassmen. Cynthia Hyland leaves Sharon Hughes her favorite Nansen bottle and best bathythermograph. Nanci Isherwood leaves her two brothers Bruce and Jay. Leonard Jacobsen leaves Michele waiting patiently in the lunch line losing her appetite. Sheryl Johnson leaves tuf little Andy F. for someone else to flirt with. Jane King leaves next year's seniors to fill out college applications. Robert King leaves a mop to the incoming freshmen. Marilyn Koczerga leaves Paula with 3 more years in D.H.S. Astrid Kvilhaug leaves Linda wondering how she's going to get home from school next year. Stephanie LaBelle leaves Woody eating pizza by himself. ' Mark Lafferty leaves one more year of hack to Nina because there will be no one to tell her what to do. Barbara Lawrence leaves all those action-packed evenings spent writing out 1000 French vocabulary words. James Lawrence leaves happily. Henry Leal leaves the faculty in relief.
Bruce Lider leaves to Sue P. all the success and happiness possible; to the faculty, a dirty Kleenex. Leslie Lider leaves an automatic cataloging machine for the library. Carol Livesey leaves Cathy Panagakos roaming the halls for one more year by herself, Dennis Machado leaves one dirty locker. Marsha Marlow leaves Janice T. still trying to say "dilapidated." Donna Marie Martin leaves still having a crush on Wally Silveira. Ronald McKay leaves "Cosmic" Ray to misplace test papers. Carlotta McKee leaves all the stuff in the back of her car to the D.H.S. parking lot, with the exception of her megaphone.
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