TOP-DOWN: D. Travers, L. Wilbur, D. Freitas, R. Souza, R. Vieira, J. Lopes, C. Martel
LEFT ROW: R. Vieira, J. Roderick, M. Monteigre, D. Martin, P. Tavares, W. Fontaine. RIGHT ROW: J. Oliviera, R. DaCosta, J. Mailhot, R. Cabral.
Students who are accepted for enrollment in the Vocational Automotive Course are attending a school within a school. This course is now in its seventh year at Dartmouth High School. The years have seen a number of changes in the equipment that the boys in this course use.
Each boy devotes one week to classroom study and the next week to shop study—working on automobiles brought into the school repair shop to be fixed. As a student's knowledge of cars and their mechanics increases, he is given more and more difficult tasks to perform.
With the experience of working on cars in the school shop, graduates from this course are prepared to find employment.
3RD ROW: L. Rogers, B. Rogers, C. Rose, F. Freitas, R. Sylvia. 2ND ROW: B. Ormonde, A. Jones, S. Ormonde, S. Santos, T. Rocha. 1ST ROW: A. Mello, T. Grossman, R. Silvia, F. Furtado.
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