Thv. Bergs vei 17, Teie, No tteroy, Norway
"A friendly heart has plenty of friends"
Honors: A.F.S. Scholarship; Homecoming Queen Attendant.
Activities: Tonsberg : "Staters"; Student Council 2; Young Conservatives Club. Dartmouth High: A.F.S. 4; Student Council 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Squad Leader 4.
Likes to sail at Tonsberg Yacht Club. . .a pretty girl with a nice smile and lovely blue eyes. . .loves to ski, dance, read, and knit. . .glad to have her graduate with us. . ."Unbelievable!"
Future Plans: Two years at "gymnasium"


This was the first year Dartmouth has had the pleasure of having two American Field Service students.
Nina Frisak, staying with the Lynde G. Williams family, is a typical Norwegian. Blonde, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned she has been a welcome addition to D.H.S. There are many things which will make us always remember Nina—her dislike for people who get Norway and Sweden confused, the first impression of quietness she gives, her track shoes, her mosquito jokes, her school spirit, her love of trying anything new. Nina is just one of those unforgettable people!
After she returns to her native land, she hopes to get a job at the American Embassy in Oslo. Until then, however, she has two years left at Tonsberg Handels Gymnasium.
Most likely the saddest part of graduation will be the saying good-bye to our foreign exchange students. It will be no easy task to see Nina go, but we shall forever remember her as the wonderful girl she is.
Lykke til, Nina! Good Luck, Nina!


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