Timing Belt B230


1 Remove the fan clutch and fan assembly, the fan shroud, and

the accessory drivebelts.  On B230 engines, also remove the

water pump pulley.

2 Unbolt and remove the camshaft drivebelt cover.(On B230

engines, just remove the top half of the cover.)

3 Using a wrench on the crankshaft pulley center bolt, bring the

engine to TDC, No 1 firing.  This is indicated when the mark on

the camshaft sprocket is in line with the mark on the camshaft

cover or the drivebelt backplate.  At the same time the marks on

the crankshaft sprocket guide plate and the oil seal housing

will be in line. (The pulley mark cannot be used even if the

pulley is still in place, since the timing scale is on the

drivebelt cover.) Although it is not critical, the position of

the auxiliary shaft sprocket timing mark should also be noted


4 On B230 engines, remove the starter motor or the flywheel bot-

tom cover plate.  Have an assistant jam the ring gear teeth,

then loosen the	crankshaft pulley bolt without disturbing the set 

position of the crankshaft.  Remove the bolt and the pulley, then 

remove the lower half of the camshaft drivebelt cover.

5 On B23 engines, if the crankshaft pulley was not removed with

the accessory drivebelts, remove it now.

6 Loosen the belt tensioner nut.  Pull on the belt to compress

the tensioner spring.  Lock the tensioner in this position, either by

tightening the nut again or by inserting a nail or similar into

the hole in the tensioner shaft (photos).

7 Mark the running direction of the belt if it is to be re-used,

then slip it off the sprockets and tensioner roller and remove

it.  Do not rotate the crankshaft, camshaft or auxiliary shaft

with the bolt removed.

8 Spin the tensioner roller and check for roughness or shake;

replace if necessary.

9 Do not contaminate the drivebelt with oil, nor kink it or fold

it sharply.

10 Before installing, make sure that all three sprockets are in

the correct positions.  Slip the belt over the sprockets and around 

the roller, observing the correct running direction if the old belt

is being re-used.

11 Recheck the alignment of the sprocket marks, then release

the belt tensioner by loosening the nut or pulling out the nail. 

Tighten the tensioner nut.

12 On B230 engines, install the drivebelt lower cover and the

crankshaft pulley.  Make sure that the dowel (guide pin) on the

sprocket engages with the hole in the pulley.  Jam the ring gear

teeth and tighten the pulley bolt to the specified torque. 

Install the starter motor or flywheel cover.

13 On all engines, rotate the crankshaft two full turns

clockwise.  Stop at TDC, No 1 firing, and check that the various

timing marks still align.  Loosen and retighten the tensioner


14 Install the drivebelt cover (or the top section), then

install the accessory drivebelts, pulleys, fan etc.

15 Run the engine to operating temperature, then switch it

off.  Bring the engine to TDC, No 1 firing.  Remove the access

plug from the front of the drivebelt cover, loosen the tensioner

nut once more and then retighten it.  Install the access plug.

16 If a new belt has been installed, repeat paragraph 1 5 after

approximately 600 miles (1000 km).

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