Removing the A/C compressor belt can be tough. Loosen the 12mm holding
bolt and the unscrew the 10mm tensioner bolt till there's a 1/4" of
slack or so. If you still can't remove the belt, try unscrewing the
13mm mounting bolt just below the A/C compressor, this should give you
enough slack. When putting the belt back on, make sure this mounting
bolt is retightened. Put the A/C compressor belt onto the bottom of the
crankshaft pulley and use the crankshaft bolt to turn the engine and
inch the belt back on. It's a tight fit.

If you have a two piece timing belt cover, you can't remove the bottom
half until you've taken off the crankshaft pulley. Be sure to put this
cover back on after you've changed the belt and before you reinstall the

The central bolt on my 245 is 24mm. Lots of people don't have this size
bolt and you can't determine the bolt size easily until you're too into
the job to go get such a socket from a store. (Ask me how I know).

Also, depite the fact that the crankshaft is keyed there's no key to
hold the crankshaft pulley on (correct? I didn't see one on mine). So
no, if you don't see a key you haven't lost it. There is a big washer
there- be careful it doesn't fall into the hinterland. You can put the
manual transmission in 4th and set the break to remove the crankshaft
pulley. You have to pull anti-clockwise REALLY hard but it will come.

If you have factory belt with alignment stripes on it, use a piece of
chalk to extend the alignment marks onto the front of your new belt.
This will make installation just a little easier. The "alignment dot" on
the lower right-hand pulley is hard to see. Stick a small screwdriver
into the slot and line up with the dot on the pulley to see if the
pulley and alignment dot are aligned correctly. The belt may be a bit
small to get on easily- get an assistant to use a pipe wrench to
compress the tensioner just a little.



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