My vehicles back in the 80's and now.

Back in the late 80's I purchased a used 1984 760. I found it to be easy to work on and fun to drive. In 1990 I once again purchased a used 1986 760 wagon. That is the car shown in the photo. As I look back I think this was the best car I have ever owned. My Volvo web site shows many of the repairs I made to this vehicle. I no longer own the car. In 2002 I purchased a Ford Explorer LTD and after a few years gave that to my son. I then I purchased a 2007 Eddie Bauer.In 2018 I purchased a used 2016 explorer LTD. I got rid of the Eddie Bauer in 2019 and replaced it with a 2011 Lincoln MKX. that is my go to car.


 2016 Ford Explorer Limited 


MKX. this is my go to car.