LH- Jetronic




This is a photo of an injector from my B230FT
The top left corner shows the tip of the injector with the cap, o-ring and spacer removed. I have always had to destroy the cap in the process of removal. I use a heat gun to soften the plastic making it easy to remove. The spacer seems to take the heat ok. It just slides off once the cap is removed.
This is Volvo's "seal ring kit". For my engine it is part # 1346393-0 and lists for $5.30. You will need a kit for each injector. The kit comes with a new cap, spacer and 3 o-rings. You only need two o-rings so you will have some spares. The spacer that came with my kit was larger than the original. I questioned the parts clerk about this and he went back to talk with one of the mechanics. The mechanic said that it is too large and they always use the old one!

Do not put 12 volts directly on the injector. My injectors measured about 3 ohms. With the 10 watt bulb limiting the current to .8 amps, the voltage drop across the bulb causes the injector to see about 2.4 volts. Closing the switch will cause the injector to open and atomize liquid forced through it.

Cleaning the injectors.

I have used carburetor cleaner to do this job. I squirt a little into the top of the injector. After letting it soak for a few minutes, I apply power to the injector at the same time force compressed air through the unit. The liquid is atomized as it leaves the bottom.
Use extreme caution while using carb cleaner around voltage. It is a good idea to keep the switch away from the area that will become wet with the cleaner.
I have done this several times with satisfactory results.
What About Injector Cleaning?