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Old QST cartoon.

I love these old cartoons form the 50's

An old QSL card

This was the QSL card I used while I was stationed at Guantanamo Bay Cuba back in the early 70's.

Let there be FT8!

Since we are at the bottom of our 10 year sunspot cycle I have started using FT8 to make some contacts. When you make a contact you exchange grid squares with the other operator. Of course this is done all automatically. The monitor on the left tracks the squares I have worked. The one's in red have been confirmed using LOTW.

This is my Icom 7600. It is my work horse.

I have always had good luck with the Icom products. I also have an Icom 7000, 7100 and the 2820 also shown in the photo.

Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association

I have been a member of the Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association (W1AEC) since the mid 60's. This photo was taken in 1977 when we were getting ready to build our current clubhouse building. Many of the people in this photo are now SK's. I am the guy in the middle holding the shovel.

This is my active logbook of recent contacts.

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